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Phone Service

A new customer of Haxtun Telephone Company must complete an application for telephone service. This application form is available at our Business Office any workday, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Our Rates


Available for $1.25 monthly, is a service that provides fast, reliable, repairs to your telephone wiring and phone jacks with no extra charge for parts and labor. Home inspection is required prior to activation.


Unlimited Long Distance $14.99/month for 12 months, (Regular price $24.99/mo.)

  • or $.05/min with $4.95 monthly charge
  • or $.10/min with no monthly charge.
Feature Residential Monthly Rates Per Line
  • Call Waiting $1.00
  • Call Forwarding $1.00
  • Three-Way Calling $1.00
  • Speed Dial 8 $1.00
  • Speed Dial 30 $1.50
  • *Anonymous Call Rejection $2.00
  • *Automatic Callback (Re-dial) $2.00
  • *Call ID – Number $2.00
  • *Home Intercom No Charge
  • *Last Call Return $2.00
  • *Per Call Blocking No Charge
  • *Per Line Blocking No Charge
  • *Selective Call Acceptance $2.00
  • *Selective Call Forwarding $2.00
  • *Selective Call Rejection $2.00
  • *Teen Service $2.50
  • *Warm Line No Charge
  • *Call Trace, Per Occurrence ($6.00 per month maximum) $0.75
Multi Feature Discount Plan (only on items listed with *)

When two or more of the above noted calling features are subscribed to on the same access line, a discount of $0.50 per feature will apply to the monthly rate.


Applicable service order charges, connection fees, and taxes are not included in these rates.

Basic and Optional Services Residential Monthly Rates Per line
  • Individual Touch-Calling Access Line $16.00
  • Rural $16.00
  • FCC Subscriber Line $6.50

The access line permanently connects your home or office to the toll network through our local switch.

  • Access Recovery Charge (ARC) $3.00

FCC Order 11-161 mandates the Telephone Company to bill an Access Recovery Charge/ARC monthly to residence, single line business and multiline business end users who purchase local exchange services.

  • Colorado Telecommunications Relay Service Fund $0.06

Haxtun and other local telephone companies collect this surcharge on each phone line to operate the Colorado Relay Service, as required by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. This service allows telephone communication between people who use Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf and people who use standard phones.

  • Federal Universal Service Charge *Amount equal to FCC prescribed rate changes quarterly.

Haxtun Telephone collects this charge to support the provision of telecommunications services to schools, libraries, rural healthcare providers, low-income customers, as well as customers living in rural, insular, and high-cost areas.

  • County Emergency 911 Surcharge for 265 and 886 $1.25
  • County Emergency 911 Surcharge for 774 $2.30

  • Additional Listing $0.50 (per additional listing)

For family members or other people who share one telephone number and need separate listings in the telephone directory.

  • NonPublished Number $1.00

Telephone number is not listed in the directory and is not available through Directory Assistance under any circumstances.

Wiring And Equipment Options

The Telephone Company provides and maintains service up to your demarcation point, which is the point of physical interconnection (connecting block, terminal strip, jack, protector, or telephone network interface device) between the telephone network and your premises wiring. Inside wiring includes all wire or cable located on your side of the demarcation point.

Non-published or Non-listed telephone number service is a directory option provided to hearing/speech-impaired persons at no charge. In addition, the option of a special notation by the customer’s name in the directory indicating TTY or TTY+ Voice capability can be provided at no charge.