Get Down to Work with Broadband for Business

Across companies and industries, reliable broadband access can change how we do business.

Broadband is a fast internet connection that is always on and accessible. Because it offers greater bandwidth, and can upload or download data at greater speeds, broadband gives you higher quality with fewer delays.

When working from home, you can trust that you can get things done with your broadband connection. Reliable internet access allows more people to work from home or take on flexible hours—according to a 2016 study, 43% of Americans worked remotely at least part time.[1] Faster download speeds allow you to download large files to your home computer to finish your work, access programs, or send after-hours emails. eCommerce, or online sales, allow you to reach a larger audience and target a statewide or nationwide market. On the flip side, you can also buy goods and services that might not be available locally on sites like Amazon.

Broadband also gives you faster upload speeds, so you can work closely with your coworkers without going into the office. Video chatting or conferencing services, like GoToMeeting and Skype, can connect teams or clients when they can’t physically be in the same space. Messaging services like Google Hangouts, Slack and Lync allow you to send instant messages to your coworkers, and broadband reduces latency, or lag time, to make those chats as close to real-time as possible. You can also stream video tutorials on sites like or YouTube to sharpen your business skills and perform better at your job.

For businesses, broadband also offers the increased bandwidth needed to support more users and networked systems. With its larger capacity, multiple people can access the internet at the same time without eating up too much bandwidth and slowing down each other’s connections, leading to a more efficient workday. Small businesses use tools like Square to accept credit card payments from customers. Square can track sales and inventory, and reliable internet ensures that the service is never down. High-speed broadband allows businesses like graphic design, website design, and other creative industries to grow anywhere and compete on the same level as city-based companies.

Farmers can use broadband to power remote monitoring equipment and precision technology,  make informed business decisions, and maximize yield and profits. With advanced technology to automate tasks like feeding animals, to track customer data, and to gather crop and livestock data, you can manage your land and job easier than ever before. Broadband lets you track changes in commodity markets and regulations, talk to customers over email, and sell products in wider markets.

For job seekers, broadband gives you access to more employment opportunities and simplifies the application process. You can search for jobs, research companies, and even do interviews remotely over Skype with a secure, dependable broadband connection at home.

With dependability and high speeds, broadband gives you the access and peace of mind to get down to work.