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This is an agreement between Haxtun Telephone Internet and the customer. Through this agreement you agree to accept DSL services from haxtuntel.net for a period of time as designated below (one year contract).

DSL Service

The charges discussed do not include applicable taxes and surcharges. Upon expiration, this agreement will continue month to month until it is cancelled by either party. If you do not honor this term, then you will be liable for an early cancellation fee of $185.00.

The attached Terms and Conditions contain general provisions regarding the obligations of the parties under this agreement. By signing below, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

High-Speed Internet



Note: Actual speeds may vary.  See Service Level Agreement on reverse side of this form for actual factors that may cause speeds to vary.

Modem/Router Lease $7.99


ADSL Information

DSL internet service is not available in all areas.

  • Always connected
  • Operate DSL and telephone over one telephone line
  • Free Installation (With 2 Year Contract)
  • Dynamic IP Addresses provided. (Static IP address available at extra cost.)
If you sign a 2 year contract we will waive the $ 185.00 Activation/installation fee.

$60.00 per hour will be charged on any work past the modem. This applies to any routers/hubs, network wiring, and/or computer configurations. This charge is billed in 15 minute increments after one hour.

$25.00 service fee will be charged on service calls resulting in no trouble found in the DSL circuit, or for programming changes (decrease or increase of speed, change or additions of email Addresses)
File and Print Sharing
Surge Protection
Firewall Protection
Virus Protection

Important information for high speed DSL customers: Installation & Setup:

Responsibilities of the customer;
It is the responsibility of the customer to connect the DSL modem to his or her network or computer(s). Our installation guide provides detailed step by step instructions for configuring your computer(s) to DSL as your primary Internet Connection. The installation guide will assume that you have a network (ready) computer or a network card properly installed in your computer. Customer agrees to provide a UL approved surge arrestor for the modem to be powered from.
Responsibilities of Haxtun Internet Services;
When the installer comes to your home or business, he (she) will install or configure any necessary wiring (within reason) between the outside protector and the DSL modem itself. Once the installer has the modem physically installed he will test the connection with a laptop computer to make sure everything is working properly.
Extended Haxtun Internet Installation Service;
Haxtun Internet will install or assist in the installation of wireless and wired routers, hubs and certain other network equipment as requested by the customer.

A charge of $ 60.00 per hour with a one hour minimum will be charged for any work past the modem. This charge applies to any routers/hubs, network wiring, and/or computer configurations. This charge is billed in 15 minute increments after one hour.
Network Equipment Offered;
  • Broadband Routers
  • Wireless Routers
  • 10/100/1000 Switches and/or Hubs
  • In Line DSL Filters
  • Category 5 Patch Cords
  • Category 5 Network Cable
  • Category 5 Jacks & Connectors
Customer has read and agrees to the terms and conditions.
Customer agrees the information they're submitting is accurate.